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Choi Choi, MD

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist located in Los Angeles, Torrance, CA

While we all hope to avoid serious traumas where we feel our life is under threat, each of us has a unique experience. What seems traumatic to one person may not affect another person. As such, Dr. Choi Choi offers highly customized treatment to patients from throughout the greater Los Angeles area from his private practice in Torrance, California.

Trauma Q & A

What is trauma?

Trauma typically means a highly stressful event that causes damage to the psyche. It often causes an overwhelming amount of stress that taxes your ability to cope with the event.

Trauma is relative in that what one person may find traumatic, may not have the same effect on someone else. You may experience psychological trauma after a one-time incident like an accident, surgery, or death. You may also develop psychological trauma from experiences such as abuse, neglect, combat, or deprivation. One of the defining aspects of trauma is the feeling of utter helplessness in the face of real or perceived danger.  

What are some of the symptoms of trauma?

Trauma is responsible for many symptoms and behavioral changes. People react in a wide variety of ways to trauma and each person has a unique experience. Some of the emotional or psychological signs include:

  • Anger and irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Disassociation
  • Guilt and shame
  • Numbness
  • Shock, denial or disbelief

It is also possible for your body to manifest trauma in physical symptoms like:

  • Aches
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia or nightmares
  • Pain
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Tension

If left untreated, trauma can result in long-lasting destructive behavior like substance dependence or abuse, depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder. These symptoms can impede your ability to enjoy your life and participate in regular daily activities.

How is trauma treated?

Since trauma and its symptoms are so unique to each individual, treatment is highly customized to address your specific needs. Dr. Choi often combines Western medicine with an Eastern approach to wellness, for a holistic treatment plan aimed at helping to improve your total health and well being.

Treatments may include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Meditation
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Somatic psychology
  • Medication

If you’ve experienced a traumatic event or if you have concerns that a perceived trauma or fear is keeping you from living your best life, call or book an appointment online with Dr. Choi today. He offers compassionate and comprehensive care to get to the root of your problems with the goal of helping you to get back to your normal life and activities.